Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saturday Fun

This past Saturday Aaron and I took a little field trip to Lillstreet Art Center. It's right off the Montrose stop. My printmaking teacher has a studio there and told us that they were having an open house and they would have free workshops. So I thought it would be fun...and it was! I got to see where my teacher works, got brownie points for being there, finally got to check out Lillstreet and see what it is all about, and browsed some really cool artsy fartsy stuff. Aaron and I only got to do one workshop because we went later in the afternoon, but it was still fun. We did metal banding. Aaron was a pro at it. It was really fun to see his artistic side and see how much he really enjoyed working with tools (: It was really fun and free! We both would like to take a class there sometime, preferably glass blowing, but...when we have money (:
I made these two.