Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Update

This past Thanksgiving my sister Mikayla came to visit. She goes to school at University of Virginia. After flying up to Chicago I showed her the apartment at midnight (she had only seen it when we had 8 people living here and were moving in with ALL our stuff!) and we went to sleep... only to wake up at 4:45am, get Starbucks, and hit the road to MN. Aaron drove his car and Mikayla and I drove mine (He was going to drop his car off at his house and drive back to Chicago with us after Thanksgiving). Why did we leave so early you may ask? Well... the weather of course. A nice ice/snow/rain storm was headed the same place we were trying to get to. It was a fun ride up. And of course we had to stop at the Mousehouse!
Then we ate lunch in the car in Baldwin. I made little tiny turkey sandwiches with 88 cent dinner rolls from Jewel. We also had Cheetos, grapes, cheese spread and crackers from the Mousehouse, and little cookies.

These are my little weirdos (:
Then Aaron and Mikayla and I went our separate ways. And that's when Mikayla and I ran into trouble. Now, I have been driving for a long time now... 7 years actually... and I have not driven while it was storming. But that day I got to! It wasn't that bad, slid once coming around a corner at Grandma and Grandpas, but other than that we made it there by 2:15pm where we visited a little, took naps, went to Thanksgiving church, and at pie.

On Thanksgiving we ate at my cousin Brianna's house. Good food, good people. Then we went home to make this:

On Black Friday we did no shopping. We ate at a neat little restaurant in Hutch and went and saw Harry Potter. Then we drove into the cities to meet up with Aaron and his family for the Holidazzle parade, Macy's Life of an Elf, and Applebees.
Aaron gave me this silly hat from home.

Seth, Mikayla, Hannah, Aaron, Me, Shelby
On Saturday we went out for lunch at a place that has HUGE pancakes, but no one got the pancake... I wanted one after I finished my ham and cheese. Then we went to Mall of America and shopped around. Got Aaron some new jeans (: Then helped pick out a new fridge for Aaron's family.

Drove back to Chicago the next day to drop Mikayla off at O'Hare... and then crashed because we were so tired.

Thanksgiving was fun, but............ON TO CHRISTMAS!

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