Monday, November 17, 2014


2 months 
3 months 
4 months 

jacob kian is now 5 months old. soon to be 6 months old in a couple weeks. he looks super chubby in the 4th month picture. it's so weird. and i finally got some good lighting for his 5th month. living and learning, i tell ya.

back to jacob. he's a handful. he loves to be held, especially by me. aaron tells him, "you're a mama's boy. and that's ok" it's really sweet. and it's nice to be wanted. 

he's almost crawling, but he can scoot himself anywhere. he often gets into whatever his heart desires: books, toys, rorie's hair, the cats. he also gets up on all fours in his bed, so we had to take down the infant insert in his pack-n-play. he was looking over the edge and trying to grab the side. once i saw that happen i didn't want to know what would happen next. so off with the infant insert!

spit-up is at an all time high. with all the moving he does his tummy can't digest fast enough, so up it comes. we recently gave him some oatmeal and i've been trying it in his bottles too. in the hopes that his food stays in his belly where it belongs. i think it's helped. he goes through about 6 or 7 outfits on a good day. i go through 3-4 shirts and hopefully i get to keep the same pants on... but you never know. the day rorie got splattered with spit-up like bird poop falling from the sky was epic. she did not think so. 

little dude is in 6-12m clothes and it's so nice to have a healthy kid. he doesn't sleep much, day or night, but he's the happiest kid ever. loves to laugh and talk. loves to give kisses. and loves to watch his sister.

rorie is having more fun with jake now. she loves to help change his diaper. she's my trash girl when we use disposables. she also is great at getting him a paci. not so great at gently putting it into his mouth. they both love to read and look at books, so we do a lot of family reading. she is not into him taking the toys that she's playing with. sharing is a very hard concept to teach. it seems to be SO unnatural. we're working on it. 

aaron and i have been busy organizing the house, planning the upcoming months for holiday travel, getting shop orders out, working on my december craft (which i'll explain in a few), and cookin up good food. i might share a dinner recipe soon. we'll see :)

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