Tuesday, November 11, 2014



i've been doing a little lifestyle change. i've been spending less time on the internet. i've been doing stickers and blowing raspberries. i've been folding laundry and drinking tea. i've been reading books (to my kids) and reading books (for pleasure!!!). i've been cooking for my family and caring for myself. i've been going on long walks and playing at the park. i've been organizing our holiday schedule and going through all our belongings. i've been dreaming big and sitting still.

it's been really nice. i've changed up a few things with regards to the internet and my phone. i'm less connected, if you will. and i kind of love it. a slight step back in time. a break from thinking i need to keep up with everyone everyday. because i know i don't. it's been a great time to think and reflect on what is important. answering or entertain questions like: why am i thinking the way i do? do i really need to be "checking in"? why do i care about this? who am i doing this for? do i even enjoy this? do i feel obligated or do i love it? stuff like that.

i've been very, happily, present the past few weeks. it's been nice. and i plan on keeping it up. because jacob, i'd rather watch you eat your feet than be on the internet.

(ironic side note: i'm reading a book about twitter. ha!)

p.s. babies eating their feet is my second favorite thing babies do. sleeping with their butt in the air is #1. for obvious cuteness overload reasons.


  1. Love this post, Chelsea! Do you read Shauna Niequist's blog? Maybe not right now, since you aren't checking in online as frequently, but she doesn't post too often and I usually love what she has to say. Yesterday, she posted something that I think you'd connect with right now: http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=3738289503&blog=5957295&group=0&frame_type=a.

    1. i loved it :) thanks for the suggestion!!!