Tuesday, October 28, 2014


one night i cleaned up the day's mess and then took some pictures. when i uploaded them to my computer i laughed at how it didn't even look like my house. so i took real pictures to put up against the fake ones. because that's real life.

that last one i threw in because you can really see everything.

i do like a clean and tidy house- don't get me wrong. a lot of nights my apartment does look the the first set of pictures. but that's only when both the kids are sleeping and i've done all the work to put everything back in it's place.

but some nights, usually after a few nights and days of being really on top of things, i settle my butt into the couch and take in the mess. i take it in as my own and as a sign that a lot of playing, learning, and loving went on that day.

and a lot of laundry. always a lot of laundry.

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