Monday, August 25, 2014


a few days ago, aaron took rorie and my brother to rhode island- because that's where my brother will be flying out of to return to college. sophomore year! woop! woop! anyways... i took five minutes to tidy up rorie & jacob's room while jake was a happy camper and snapped some pictures. i love the idea of remembering where you've slept. and there's something precious about creating a space for your little ones.

it's a quirky little room. but not as little as rorie's last room- that's for sure! we're in another old, old apartment. the wall that rorie's crib is at is curved on the right side. the floors are a little crooked. the carpet isn't quite big enough for the room, so there's scrap pieces to make up the difference on one end on the room. it's comical (as are most really annoying things in our life). and there's only one outlet. hence the lovely extension cord modern art we've got going on.

but you know what... the room has really come together and it's pretty functional for two. we don't really keep any toys in their room other than the basket full of library books (bottom left). we've got jakey blankets in the top basket and shoes in the middle... extra rorie blankies are in the random pink box.

rorie helped me with the art work on the wall above the bookshelf (which was actually part of my nursery set growing up...same with the dresser). the rorie balloon painting was done by my very good friend, alissa, when rorie was first born. i love it! rorie helped me paint a blank canvas (the blank one from her old room) gold and i sewed on a few paper hearts. and the final painting is a rorie water color original. rorie also picked out the owl lamp from walmart. she loved it. oh... there's also no light in this room...because why would there be?

so far, jakey only takes naps in his crib. there's no way i'd stick him in there at night. that's just crazy at this point. that rocking chair i found in the alley outside our apartment when we lived in chicago. it's super nice and sturdy. a great find. i found the "be a nice human" print on etsy and fell in love. the "r" and "j" are made out of cardboard from our move. and rorie's taken a chair from her playroom to it's new home next to the changing table, so she can talk to jakey when he's gettting a diaper change.

ah, there's the one outlet in all it's glory. same lamp from rorie's old closet room. which i guess belonged to my good friend, christine. love to keep stuff "in the family". the changing table is my family's old tv stand. it's actually full of vhs tapes on the right long side. which i find really funny. i should really crack it open someday.

and a close up of mr. jake's crib. my mom sewed his sheets (one of three). my grandma olson made the blankie shown. my grandma redding made the one on the other end of the crib. and we have a third made by a camper of mine. and he's got his "andy" who is named beau (or beau-beau as rorie calls him) and his newest "sophie the giraffe" extended family deer-who-has-yet-to-be-named (not to be confused with he-who-must-not-be-named). he loves that deer. he'd love it even more if his hands would cooperate. in time...

and that's their room. simple, quirky, and peach. we've made it work.

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  1. It feels like a peek into your daily life. Love it! Show us more of the house!