Thursday, February 27, 2014


we just got back from our trip to NH. we flew united on the way there- boo - and my most favorite airline ever, jetblue, on the way back- yay! we, as always, bought rorie a seat and brought her car seat on the plane. it's the absolute safest was for children to travel and it keeps your car seat as safe as can be.we're not rich by any means, but we make it work each and every time we fly. and that's that.

rorie did not like the first flight (well it was united). it fell right when she was supposed to take her nap. and we all know how well rorie naps on planes. (if you don't remember- see this post). aaron had worked the night before and was in the row in front of us. so it was me and rorie in our happy place. ha! i mostly let her watch curious george on my phone and play with stickers because i was just exhausted already and there was no way she was going to fall asleep and my partner was down for the count exhausted, too.

for the first part of the trip i made an effort to tell her not to kick the seat in front of her. well... then the dumb guy reclined his seat and i may or may not have encouraged her feet movement after that. i mean really. our trip home was a beautiful thing. we left boston at 8am. we were bumped up to the second row- the one with extra room between the seats- and i had no one sitting next to me. it was perfection. thank you jetblue. you are, as they say, amazeballs.

we set out to find a place to live and for aaron to meet his floor managers and get a tour of the hospital (he's a RN for anyone who doesn't know). it was a great trip overall and we are hoping to hear back from the places we liked and find out where we will officially be living in a few weeks. i'll keep you posted.

for now... we are really glad to be back in our city apartment. rorie is busy coloring, reading, and building towers while aaron and i are freaking out about life (in good and bad ways, of course). we are really relishing the time we have left here.

it's so bittersweet!!! AH! i can't take it...

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