Friday, November 8, 2013


i think i've been dreading writing this post after announcing that we are having another baby. we are very excited... please don't get me wrong! it's just, at this point in the pregnancy... i'm like "yay! another baby! hold on- gotta go barf up my lunch..." *runs to the bathroom, one hand on the counter, one hand on the toilet paper roll, one leg up on the wall holding my toddler back*

i got this. i know i do. but right now i feel like this baby is beating the life an soul out of me. i feel primitive. like a cave woman trying to claw her way through each day. barely making it through, but making it through nonetheless.

i am sleeping 10-11 hours each night. it is still not enough. i go to bed right after i put rorie down, which is sometimes 6:30pm because i don't feel like i can last another half hour until her real bedtime. each morning i hear the rustle of rorie through the monitor and i think... this can't be right. my stomach twists and turns on itself. i can't do this. i feel like i'm rotting inside. and i spend a few minutes in the bathroom getting sick before i take her out of her tiny warm room and love on my first baby. i got this. i know i do. but right now i'm really sick.

i remember what it was like with rorie. i remember everything really well. i'm waiting another few weeks in the hopes that this will go away and my energy and spunk will return. i have a really fun time being rorie's mama. and we usually do a lot of fun things every single day. but #2 is kicking my butt.

i got this. i know it do.

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