Wednesday, May 8, 2013


the past few weeks i have gotten the privilege of watching a sweet little boy named skyler. two years old. a loving, hardcore, full-of-life, two year old. as well as watching rorie. so, it's been a little crazy. it was very hard to get used to figuring out two different schedules and divide my attention between the two, but a few weeks in we have a pretty nice thing going. i'm very much enjoying being in a new chicago neighborhood. and now that the weather is nice we are outside everyday discovering new parks. it's stressful at times and i find myself sweating through my shirt, but it has been a very humbling experience.

skyler has really taking a liking to rorie and vice versa. on mondays, we go to gymnastics. while skyler jumps, tumbles, and rolls, i try to keep rorie from getting too restless. she loves the equipment and i tell her that her grandma is a gymnastics judge. it's a parent/tot class, so it's kinda tricky to help him participate in class while watching rorie, but we've been getting the hang of it.

a pro of babysitting many kids is all the new toys rorie gets to play with. i mean... check out that kitchen!

somedays, it's just me and skye. i miss rorie on those days, but it's nice to give him my undivided attention. boy loves his bunny crackers and sitting under trees.

they've got a big ol' dog named wally who is like the teenager of the house. always lounging on a couch somewhere. rorie loves to pet him and he's a good sport about it.

we were even able to take a little family vacation with my babysitting money. we totally needed a little break from the city life, so we drove to dubuque, iowa- but that's a post for another day. we were able to take the vacation because aaron was hired at the rehabilitation institute of chicago on the orthopedic floor! we are extremely excited for this new change in our lives. he starts on monday, so wish him luck!

i named this post, "one lonely mama," because that's what i am right now. not really, but i am holding down the fort here in chicago while my brave husband took his first solo road trip with rorie to his hometown. both rorie and aaron needed some grandma d time, so it was fitting that he had this small break in between jobs. i've been watching skyler, enjoying afternoons with friends, crossing things off my to-do list, and relaxing a bit. it was very hard at first to be away from rorie. i hadn't really been away from her since october 2011. that's a long, long time! but i told my self to stop pouting and am enjoying my alone time... but very ready for my baby (and hubs) to return to me.

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