Tuesday, March 12, 2013


this blog has taken a bit of a back seat in the past week. i'm not even sure the last time i thought of it. so sad. well, i'm back. a lot has happened. rorie is now crawling. it's a little wobbly, but she crawls and pulls herself up, has started standing up in her crib and pulling down anything she can get her little hands on in her tiny room, and now it seems like teething has officially reared it's ugly head again. i wonder which teeth are next? phew!

i thought i'd let you in on a fun new thing from etsy that rorie received and loves. well, mama loves it too! i never really appreciated that our kitchen counters and cupboards were made of metal until now. they are these cute fabric numbers from margauxmakes :

it's great because i can plop rorie down on the kitchen rug in front of them and she plays and plays. it's great! and soon we will teach her numbers with them, but for now they are just fun to take on and off the cupboards.

it's been great because i can make her bottles with her sitting right there or do the dishes and she's perfectly content. i just love them. i didn't get to take a picture of rorie playing with them yet. we've been a little busy- she's very fast now that she's crawling and scooting.

i'd also like to get the alphabet set that she has here.

i suggest heading over to her etsy shop and taking a look around.

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  1. What lovely post about Rorie's new toys :) I'm SO glad she (and you!) love them so much. I do hope you can get a picture of her sitting still long enough to play hehe. Thanks for posting about the shop. Much appreciated.