Friday, February 8, 2013


today has been wonderfully productive and soulfully restful. we started off the day as a family. just the 3 of us. bright and early, right before seven, just the way little miss likes it. i was able to take a quick shower while husband and baby played-dancing and playing to opera and oldies in the kitchen. drank too much tea and headed off to a play date with two wonderful mamas and they're adorable babes. it was so refreshing to be with other mamas and talk about birth and babies and everything that comes with them. it was also great to watch the babies together. it has been so much fun to watch them grow. little miss napped wonderfully (for her) and i was able to eat lunch and indulge in more tea and some netflix. we are hanging out now anticipating the arrival of my mom, little brother, and littlest sister from beijing. they'll be here for the duration of the chinese new year (one week) and my mom one more week extra! my little sister will join us on valentines day for the weekend. lots to look forward to! for now, we are playing on the floor with dragons and spoons... ah... the life.

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