Wednesday, January 30, 2013


These are all prints I developed myself in a darkroom for my senior art show. They were all taken with a Holga camera. If you like photography- this is the camera to get and master. It's beautifully simple and so completely complex at the same time. I love that it takes film. Developing negatives in a dark room is an art in itself. I think we take for granted the ability to edit pictures. I edited each of these pictures multiple times and used up multiple sheets of photo paper. It took me days to get a picture the way I wanted it. That takes seconds on an iPhone. Ah, well... it's a different world out there.

My prints were all centered around the idea coined by Henri Cartier Bresson: "The Decisive Moment". It's like that moment in time where the light is just right, the action is frozen just right, and it can never be repeated. I liked the idea of capturing moments on the playground of the daycare center I worked at. Not only were the actions, looks, thoughts, and feelings of each child in each picture a decisive moment in themselves, but the theme of childhood. A moment in time where the innocence of childhood was frozen in time for all eternity. It's beautiful, don't you think?

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