Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We are back in Chicago now. At the end of our trip I felt excited to go "home". I have never thought of Chicago as my home and have always looked forward to the time that I would be leaving it. As a family, we are still looking forward. Aaron and I both know we do not want to raise our family in the city. We do not want to set down our roots here. He wants trees and I want family. So our eyes are set on New England. Where exactly? Well, that's up in the air. We have been praying a lot about it and we are continuing to.

Rorie went to her second wedding and it was a success. I had to stand in the back by the sound guys with her in the Ergo feeding her a bottle. She drank her bottle as the bridal party walked down to their places, burped while scripture was read, and napped while they said their vows.

I am still so proud of her. She has been such a trooper through out her whole 5.5 months of life. She has overcome so much already. I am amazed at what a smiley happy baby she is.

I am also proud of myself. We made the decision to cloth diaper when we found out about Rorie. For many reasons. I have a blog post about cloth diapers in the works where I'll explain everything. I'm proud because I successfully kept my daughter in cloth diapers for a whole week long  vacation. We visited 3 states. 3 houses. And I had to figure out 3 different washers. And I did it. We never bought disposable diapers. It's a big thing!

More on that. More on our life. Next...

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