Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Stuff Done!

I've been pretty busy lately. But this busy is a completely different kind of busy that I would have usually complained about in the past. I'm getting stuff done! My to-do list is quickly getting smaller and my unusually messy belongings are becoming more and more organized as the days go on. It's a great feeling to get stuff done. I feel very adult-like at sometimes. Like, when the car gets an oil change on time or I file our taxes without having to call my mom. That's very adult-like.

Another thing I have been doing is growing. My waist is beginning to stretch and my wardrobe is almost completely maternity clothes. It's been fun to get new clothes. I think on average I've bought myself 3-4 new pieces of clothing in the past 4 years. Now I have a completely new wardrobe that I can grow into. And a completely new wardrobe if I fancy to become obese in the future.

The baby is growing steadily. I lay awake this morning at 5 and 6 just feeling it wiggle around in my tummy. It's a very weird feeling because you know exactly what it is... it's a baby... but it's still very weird. And to think that those little movements are going to become even more intense as the weeks go on makes me feel very nervous and excited.

We have our doctors appointment on Thursday (my birthday!). The thought of that is getting me through the days because I am so anxious to find out who's in my tummy. Sometimes I walk around my apartment and tell my belly, "why won't you just tell me what you are?!"

As if that's going to help me find out. Here's to Thursday!

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