Thursday, August 25, 2011


So, that's what I've been hearing myself say these days when people ask how I'm doing. I seem to instinctively respond with, "I'm exhausted." I think I do that because it's just the cold hard truth.

I've finished my summer classes. There were 6 of them. Three were intensive education classes each 4 weeks long at NP. Two were intensive art classes each half a semester long at NEIU. And one was a summer long art class at NEIU.

Next week I start new classes at NP, there will be 3 in the fall semester. I'll also start my final class at NEIU. One art history class, of course it's a semester long, and I'll be done at that school. I'm ready to be done now.

What else have I been doing? Well... working 11 hour days at daycare when I can, babysitting when I'm not at daycare... and basically working 50+ hours on my two weeks free of school. I'd accept you calling me crazy... because I think I really am.

And what else? Well, wedding planning of course! Expect your invitations in the mail (: because they are done my friends.

And that's a quick update, a quick whine, and a quick rant on the life of me (:

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