Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Great Wall of China

I haven't updated much of my trip to China. And I should. Because I had a wonderful time. I miss my family greatly and went through a few weeks where I felt really sad to be back.
I wish life could be only visiting people we love and experiencing life together.
Here's some of my favorite pictures of our trip to the Great Wall.
Sam, Aaron, Brianna, Mikayla, Liz, Me, Gracie

Watching for the HUNS!

I totally started playing Mulan on the Great Wall

It was so hilly and steep! I didn't expect it.

We started a band. We decided this was for our album cover.

Just smothering Aaron, showing my ring to the camera.

My lovely family.


Where did Sam's head go?!

The Redding Kids.

It is GREAT!

You could get down the mountain via toboggan!

It was awesome!

These guys in costumes met us at the bottom, interesting (:

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