Monday, January 10, 2011

China List

I've had a very busy time here in China...and I leave tomorrow afternoon. Back to America. I'll leave a land of cheap knock-offs and stolen originals, fried rice and strange food, crazy markets and crazy drivers.

Here's a list of things I've done while in this crazy country we call China:
-Panjaijuan Dirt Market (Dirt cheap, also on the dirt)
-Hong Qiao Pearl Market (Shopping, knock-knock stores, and crazy people that will bite your head off!)
-Quan Xing Ju (Brown Door) Restaurant (best fried rice!)
-The Great Wall (many more stairs that I imagined... but it made me remember how awesome Mulan is and how I need to watch it again)
-Watercube and Bird's Nest from the Olympics (the cube is now a water park... it's pretty neat)
-Tianamen Square (I was frozen this day)
-Temple of Heaven (Same day, frozen. I almost cried)
-Forbidden City (Same day, still frozen, very grumpy)
-Laoshe Teahouse (saw a cool shadow puppet show)
-Chinese Acrobats at the Chao Yang Theater
-Summer Palace (This day I wore snow pants and a -30 coat with a big hat and sunglasses)
-Hot Pot (Chinese version of fondue)
-Drum Tower (Same day, I was in a much better mood, my shadow looked like a warrior!)
-Hutong Pedicab Ride
-The Legend of Kung Fu and the Red Theater (AWESOME SHOW!)
-Japanese Steakhouse

Overall, good trip. Still like Thailand better... but it's not like that was going to change.

See you all when I get back to American soil!

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