Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals

I've never been one to do resolutions or even really celebrate the New Year. This year we spent the New Year on Air China flying from Bangkok to Beijing, very anti-climactic (but I did hear that some people saw fireworks as we were landing, I had no such luck). But as 2011 is upon us I have thought about things I want to do differently or improve upon.

1. Time management. I don't know if this will require better planning or what, but managing my time between friends, family, work, school, and time for myself is something I desire to be better at.

2. Travel. I've enjoyed my time traveling to Beijing and Koh Samui (which I will write about more later). I hope I can bring Aaron to my hometown in Chaing Mai. I also have loved visiting my Grandparents and Aaron's family and friends this past year. I hope that I can travel to see family and more of downtown Chicago.

3. Cooking. I really enjoy cooking. I hope to try recipes new and old in 2011. And eat out less.

4. Reading. I have read 1.5 books on my short trip to Beijing. And I read 4 books during the summer and loved it. I hope to keep my head in at least one book in 2011. And I also hope to continue doing my devotions when I can.

5. Taking care of myself. On every resolution list there is this one. Exercise. Well, I do hope to exercise, but I also hope to get enough sleep, take my vitamins, eat well, and drink enough water. I hope to be well rounded in every way. I also hope to run in a race. I've never been able to run 2 miles straight. I've worked up to 1.5 miles and celebrated over that... but haven't had the stamina and mental ability to keep running. I've thought about running the Shamrock Shuffle 5K. So I hope I can do it!!!

6. Spending less. I spend a lot. Or at least I have during this past year. Which is silly, because I should have been saving much of the money I have spent. I hope to resist the urge to buy unnecessary items and save as much as possible.

Here's to 2011! A new year! A new start! Fresh beginnings! 2011!!

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  1. Run the Shuffle! It is seriously the funnest race to run, you don't even feel like it's 5 miles. Do it! I'll run with you! and I miss you too!