Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is a piece of artwork that I did for my Senior Art Seminar class. The professors started the assignment by asking us if we had unlimited amount of resources and time to do art, what would our dream project be? We were given 15 minutes to talk to another person in the class and then present to the rest of the class... so of course, like I do a lot it seems, I made something up. I said that I would buy a house and paint everything in the inside all crazy with patterns everywhere. Then our professors told us that we had to DO our dream project, or a scaled down version of it. Of course I had to say that I would buy a HOUSE!

So I picked up a piece of $5 furniture and a lamp at the Salvation Army and painted it up. I finished with the picture on the left. I wasn't proud of it at all, and sincerely didn't like it... but I needed to have something to show. But it was well received in class... AND...
One of my teacher's bought my piece! Yep! I sold my assignment! So I am very glad that what I'm making is something that people are interested in. It has potential for the future. My Dad wants me to open up a store and get Thai's to paint stuff too. We'll see what happens.

But for now... hooray for selling art! It's possible!

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