Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beijing to Chicago and Back

My Dad had a conference to attend and was lucky enough to visit both me and Mikayla. He arrived in Chicago on Tuesday night. I took him to Noodles and Company and then we watched Due Date (which was pretty funny). Then I dropped him off at his hotel and proceeded to get all my things together because we were going to drop off the paperwork for me and Aaron to get visas to go to China.

The next morning we went to Tre Kroner for breakfast:
Then we headed out to get visas. We got all the way downtown and to the counter and I didn't have our passports. So I cried a little and we went back to get them. Which worked out ok because the Chinese consulate was going on their lunch break. We drove back to North Park, saw Aaron working at Helwig, picked up both our passports and headed back downtown.

After all that was figured out we went shopping. My Mom had a huge list of things that you can't get in China for my Dad to bring home with him. We went to Costco, Jewel, and Walgreens and got pretty much everything on the list:

Now to fit all of that into two suitcases!

After all that shopping we were a little hungry so we stopped at La Mama's (Noli's) and grabbed a slice of pizza. Aaron met us there and we went back to my apartment to finalize dinner plans. We settled on the Melting Pot, a place none of us had gone and hopped into the car.

It was quite the experience and very fun. Here are some picture of the night:

It was a very fun day and a half with my Dad, and it was very hard to say goodbye to him. But, in a little over a month I'll be seeing him again...half way across the world!

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