Friday, June 4, 2010

Dad's Wise Words of Wisdom

I've always admired my Dad. He's the funniest guy. Our dinner conversations almost always end in laughter and my Dad wiping his eyes with a napkin. We're quick witted. I'd like to say we resemble Gilmore Girls the way we banter back and forth with speed. He's the easiest guy to talk to. He just knows how to talk to people. He can strike up a conversation with a stranger and find something genuine to talk to them about. He intentionally read up on the goings-on of nascar, just to be able to have conversations with a man at work who was a fanatic, I mean... my Dad is deticated to people. It's incredible, I wish I could be more like him.
He's also very insightful. And I love him dearly for always being able to come up with the right things to say to me. Yesterday he told me of a quote he adores and lives by:
"I used to get frustrated, now I try to be amused"
-Elvis Costello.
All in all, he's just the best. And that quote will really come in handy in the next chapters of my life. Thanks Dad!


  1. You didn't mention anything about how he likes ANTM - that's the show, right?

  2. that's a good quote, I may need to use that with my boss.