Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pepsi Ripsaw Rollercoaster

During Easter break Aaron and I went to Mall of America. We got wristbands for the amusement park, because to me... that's the reason to go to that gigantic mall (that and the Minnesota stores with lots of moose things!). So we went on the "Orange Streak"... give me a break, it's the "Pepsi Ripsaw Rollercoaster" and it will always be that. This was my first rollercoaster EVER. My Dad took me on it when I was probably in first or second grade. I was told to stand on my tippy-toes the whole line so I would be tall enough to go on it (: and I loved it from the start. Then one trip to the Mall as a family we rode it and decided that we were going to all act like we were bored... and a tradition started. We have done many funny pictures in my family, we even have an album at my house. When I went with Aaron we decided we were going to try and be funny. Well, I was going to act scared, and Aaron was going to scare me. It was going to be great, except I banged my elbow on the side of the roller coaster REALLY REALLY hard right before the picture took. So this is my painful face instead of my scared face:

Another good memory on the Ripsaw Rollercoaster (: Love it.

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  1. I absolutely despise the fact that they changed everything in camp snoopy, I don't even like cutting through the middle because it's so depressing. I'm glad the two of you had fun though. It still is amazing that there's an entire amusement park in that mall...