Saturday, April 10, 2010

Comps, check!

After hours of relentless studying, I woke up this morning, went to Starbucks, and took my Psychology Comprehensive Test. Took me just under 2 hours to fill in 200 multiple choice bubbles and complete an exit survey. I'm pumped! It's over with (at least this part) and I'm hoping now for an e-mail that says, "YOU PASSED!" So... we'll see how that goes.

Today has been gorgeous out! I wasn't even upset that I had to take a test this morning! After working out I layed out on our "Front Lawn" with the girls, then made hot dogs for lunch with Aaron on my George Foreman (WAY under-used if you ask me), took a trip over to the library with Aaron to pick out a movie for tonight...ended up playing a game of Life in the library basement and then walking around North Park picking flowers and putting them in my water jar that I had been carrying around (see picture above). It was a great afternoon. I felt like a little kid running around in my dress picking flowers. Now I'm sitting here waiting for my tired boy to wake up from his nap (: The plan is to go to Chili's (I got a gift certificate for free dessert!) and then watch a movie.

So far... life after Comps is good (:

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