Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break: Cotillion

Before Spring Break I got an email from my Mom. Gracie has been attending Cotillion with her friends. It's an ettiquite class that's very typical in the South. Think Rory Gilmore, but younger kids. For one of her classes the Dad's/significant males were invited to learn how to dance and then dance with the girls, and the Mom's with the boys (there was actually a lot of boys there... I was surprised!). My other sister, Mikayla, had bought Harlem Globtrotter tickets for my Dad and Sam, so they were gone for the night...and Gracie wanted to know if Aaron would go with her. And he said he would!
We had a great time. Aaron was such a gentleman. Gracie had a lot of fun. All the Moms taking pictures loved Aaron. They told me, "he's a keeper"... I guess so (:

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