Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break: Basketball Games

Sunday of Spring Break Aaron and I went out to breakfast at Purcellville Family Restaurant with my whole family (fitting). It's a diner of sorts and it has great grilled cheese and vanilla milkshakes (which decideds if a diner is up to my standards or not). Then we went to Sam's basketball game. They are a lot like our IM games, no practices, just games. Sam's got some moves, and I cheered for him, and my Dad talked to Aaron a bit about basketball. It was fun, sometimes he does crazy things like I do...it's always fun to watch. Then I told my mom to take a picture of him drinking water, because I thought it was funny (:
I love my brother.

On Monday night we went to Gracie's basketball game. It was the finals! And her team was in it! Get this... there are 7 teams in her league... her team was seeded 7th, and they got to the FINALS!!! Sounds a little bit like what the Burgh Babes could have been (: It was quite a game, parents were crazy into it. They lost, but it was still amazing that they got into the finals. The first picture of Grace I think is SO cute, she's tired! Second... look! She's doing that thing where you cross your arms, a PICK! WOO HOO!
I love Gracie Kay.

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