Saturday, January 30, 2010

i cried a lot tonight

tonight i heard the news that one of my campers died in a car accident this weekend. i've never had someone really close to me die. at least not someone so young. her name was kenzie. she was a senior in high school. she was on varsity soccer. she was a crazy teenage girl, and i loved her. she was one of the two girls who went skinny dipping when i took my cabin night swimming. just crazy about life. and now she's gone. it's just so weird and so sad to me.

She's the one on the left, her best friend is kayla, on the right. my heart is just in love with these two.

The last thing kenzie posted on my facebook wall was one of those survey things:
How many times a day does Chelsea Redding look in the mirror?
0 because she DOES not caaare and she is still beautiful!

i cried when i heard she was gone. reading that today made me start crying again. i've been crying on and off all night. aaron was with me when i heard and has done and said all the right things. and i don't usualy cry. all of this is just making me feel weird. and i've been texting all my other campers, trying to be their counselor and friend... i hope i made an impact in her life and in the lives of all my campers. that's all i have really strived for. and i hope they love jesus.

Dear God,
Be with Kenzie's family and friends.
Thank you for my summer with her.
I loved every minute of it.

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