Wednesday, February 4, 2015


what to say about jacob at 8 months old. he's grown up since that two month picture. he's such a ray of sunshine in our lives. his smile is really something. so what's he been up to?

well... he's almost walking. right now, he's confidently standing alone, not holding on to anything for minutes at a time. he loves to walk holding only holding onto one hand. and he is consistently taking 2-3 steps at a time by himself. you can tell that all the attention we give him about it is only stoking his fire. rorie loves to grab his hands and help him walk. she really wants him to run it seems. because sometimes he's just being dragged around while they both giggle uncontrollably.

i believe that jacob will be a fish in the water. this kid has absolutely no fear when it comes to water. from the get-go for both kids i have dumped water over their heads without shielding their eyes during baths... so that they got used to it and don't throw fits about a little water. rorie will now spend all her time with her head under a shower if you let her. jacob willingly puts his face under the water and blows bubbles as well as jumps up from sister submersion whole face smiling. i'm excited to take him to lake swanzey this summer.

at 8 months jake is eating anything you put in front of him. sometimes i only give him half of his meal and then i put him under the table to pick up everything he dropped. it's mostly all on his chair so it's not totally disgusting. he ate a cat hairball as well as some cat food this past "disgusting" things don't really matter anymore.

right now, we are as-patiently-as-we-can waiting for the arrival of both bati and grandma d this month! and valentine's day! and my birthday! february is looking pretty good from the mcdowell perspective.

p.s. cago is a little sick... everyone who loves cats... send him get well thoughs :) and if you don't love cats... i don't even know what to say... go hug a dog.

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