Tuesday, September 23, 2014


during one of jacob's "naps", i wrote out the alphabet and asked, "can you color the [insert letter] [insert color]?" it actually was a really fun spur of the moment activity. we also got a little wild and did dots.

a duck game at grandma's house. each duck has a different color on the bottom. there's three of each color for each lily pad. really cute, even if it's not technically for her age.

aaron built rorie a tent when we were living in chicago. the lucky pair got to watch finding nemo in it one night. complete with popcorn.

"super girl" taking my tea order. i believe on this particular day we had "shell tea". sometimes we have "rock tea". oh... she literally wore that outfit all day. her pjs are underneath. 

another activity totally not geared for her age, but it's great for concentration and fine motor skills. she loved it. can't wait to show her what happens when you iron it. i bet she'll be mad they get all stuck together. anyone want to bet on it?

pipe cleaners and beads. enough said.

painting shells is a touisset point past time. 

sweet girl now sits here and goes through the whole bookshelf while i'm putting jacob to sleep. 3-4 times a day.

"i have a mustache"
and.... here's jakey!

have a great  day!

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