Wednesday, November 20, 2013


i think i have always liked giving presents. i even made presents for santa. one time in an old pizza box (i wonder why that thing isn't still around?). i just absolutely love it. giving gifts brings me a lot of joy. and i really like giving a gift that gives back. here are a two places i like to support during christmas time or really any time of the year:

my little brother, sam, introduced me to this company by simply wearing a cool pocket tee. he seriously looked like such a stud. it's such a simple, yet brilliant idea. plain colored t-shirts with a pocket. what makes these shirts so awesome is that the pockets are made of fabric collected from all over the world- including the united states.

three college guys started serengetee out of their dorm room after spending a travel semester at sea. they collected fabric from 15 different countries and started making shirts. their mission: to connect people to the globe through fabric while giving back to the communities that inspire their product. their motto: "wear the world. change the world"

there's really nothing better or simpler than that. and that's why i love this company. their products are stylish and simple and they help people. sold! another cool thing... my brother is a campus representative for the company at north park university- which is a very cool honor. even cooler for you: you can support both my brother and the communities the fabrics come from by using this code: sredding

Partners Relief & Development
i have one tasty memory of steve and oddney gumaer from when i lived in thailand. i remember going to their house one afternoon with my family and oddney served the best potato salad. seriously- best potato salad of my life. hands down. among other things, of course, but the potato salad is what really tickled my taste buds.

partners is an organization (started by the gumaers) that is working towards full, free lives for the people of burma. there are a lot of things going on in that country that are very disheartening and wrong. the men, women, and children need our help. help includes basic life necessities and skills.

my sister, mikayla, is currently in chiang mai, thailand working with partners. i really couldn't be more proud of her. she has seen the amazing work that partners is doing for the families in burma first hand. and i think that's important. a lot of us will not be able to experience the suffering of other people in the world, but that doesn't mean we can't do something about it. and partners is truly doing something about it.

so, if you're feeling like you'd rather buy a gift that will directly help a small child, a mother of six, or a man with a heart of gold succeed in life. give a gift to partners. who will then continue to strive for free, full lives for the people of burma.

you can find more information about gift giving to partners, here & here.

you can also make a free amazonsmile account if you plan on shopping on amazon this christmas. select partners relief & development and 0.5% of your eligible purchases will go to partners. it's like magic. every little bit counts!

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