Saturday, November 30, 2013


after spending the weekend with a 24hr bug and rorie getting pink eye we are finally on the mend. or so i thought. i now am dealing with a sore throat and it looks like aaron picked it up, too. oh well- tis the season. aaron is home from his trip to wisconsin. we missed him dearly, especially in all our sickness. but he's been working a lot since he's returned, so we will be glad when he gets a few days off to be with us.

before my sore throat hit, i whipped out the christmas boxes and rorie and i decorated together. she loved it and thought everything was so "pretty" (a word she now uses every time she notices one of the decorations- especially the white tree with red lights). it was really adorable. last christmas, my mom started a christmas book collection for us, so we've been reading a lot of books about trees, mangers, and the baby jesus- which she loves.

it's all very magical already and i'm loving spending time with her each day in the christmas spirit. she is becoming the sweetest little girl ever and i'm very excited to keep our little apartment traditions. i'm also very excited to hop on a plane in a couple of weeks and travel to thailand. we love traditions, but we love to shake it up near the equator, too.

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