Friday, October 12, 2012


This past week was really wonderful. Personally, I loved all the help I was getting and the time I got to spend with not only my family... but with my HUSBAND! I hardly ever get to see that guy! It was so great to see my Grandparents on the Redding side. Rorie's middle name is after my Grandma Gwen. It was also great for my cousins to meet Rorie. They are sure a rowdy bunch, but Rorie was totally into it. AND! She learned to roll over! All in front of their little eyes. It was great. And now I have to keep a good eye on her.

It was also fun to spend a few days up in Swanzey, NH. We showed Rorie around camp and had some time to ourselves as a family. And we got to celebrate Kiera & Stefan at Rorie's first wedding. She was pretty much the best baby during the whole thing. I was shocked!

And now we're back in Chi-town. I'm trying really hard to get back into the swing of things, but it was just so nice to have so much help with Rorie. Not to mention all the love she got up there. We are hoping someday we will find ourselves surrounded by family... and nature. Dang city life.

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