Thursday, October 25, 2012


1) NBD. Skyping to China. 2) Nap with Andy. 3) Loves to grab and play. 4) Feet in the air. 5) LOVES faces!

Cheeks is 16 weeks old today. She's gotten her first cold (which has lasted us a full week and a half-sniffles are still here). She's rolling over. She loves to watch TV (anything & everything). She is in love with her puppy, Andy, and loves to cuddle, hold, and chew on stuffed animals. She's started to chew on all of her toys. A special toy is coming in the mail that I think Daddy will enjoy as much as Rorie. She is finally 10lbs! Spitting up in large amounts, but she is finally gaining on a special high-calorie formula. And she's very smiley. We love you baby girl!

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