Friday, May 25, 2012

33 Weeks

This is the best photo we could get of Rorie last night. It's amazing what you can see... and I think she's pretty cute already (: I'm now even more excited to have her in my arms instead of in my belly. She's a mover and a shaker. I'm not sure if she's sleeping and moving or just awake ALL THE TIME... because that's what it feels like. The countdown really has begun. 4 weeks until 37 weeks (considered full-term) and 7 weeks until 40 weeks (really full-term).

Aaron and I just took a trip to Rhode Island for a long weekend. It was just what we needed. We went on a tour of Fenway Park, ate lunch in Boston, had Kents clam chowder twice (the best in the world. literally), took many walks around Touisset Point and to the beach, went to Narragansett and Point Judith, did a complete driving tour of RI, had a surprise baby shower with friends and family, had Dels Lemonade, walked around Warren, RI, went to a nature preserve which ended with a view of the ocean, ate lobster, played new card games (I think you girls would like it), relaxed, read, and watched TV. We were very busy on our mini vacation, but we came home very rested and sad that we had to leave such a wonderful place. We think living in RI wouldn't be horrible at all. And being so close to fresh seafood makes us drool (:

This upcoming weekend we are driving up to Duluth for a wedding. Aaron is the best man for one of his childhood friends, Scott (who was in our wedding too). It will be a long trip for me, so pray that my body cooperates and that baby stays put. Not that I'm worried at all, but sometimes you just need to pray that sort of thing.

Hopefully my parents make their travel plans for the summer official this weekend. Then I'll have my sister Mikayla visiting, Rorie's baby shower, my Mom and Gracie visiting, *birth of baby??*, Dad and Sam visiting, and much more to look forward to.

I'm so ready!

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