Thursday, February 9, 2012

Homemade Tomato Sauce

I've always been a handmade kind of girl. I love doing things myself. I love to make things with my own two hands. I find it very rewarding. And lets be real... it's a money saver. And who doesn't love that?

Now that I'm preparing my life to be a mom I am even more into homemade. One thing I've always meant to do was make my own tomato sauce. And now that I've done it (twice now!) I really regret waiting so long! And I've got 4 jars of the real cheap stuff in my pantry that I now have to use up before I can make my own again. Let me tell you: Homemade tomato sauce is awesome! It's got this sweetness that you don't find in store bought jars. And the one I make it choc full of extra veggies which makes me even more excited about it. Also, I've never been a sauce girl. I put the minimum amount of sauce on my pasta. I mean minimum. I've been made fun of before for the lack of sauce on my pasta. Not anymore. I could eat my homemade sauce straight out of the pot. It's phenomenal.

(If you'd like the recipe that will change your tomato sauce life, just ask me!)

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