Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This summer I took 6 classes. It was ridiculous and hard and a lot of work. One of the classes I took was a ceramics class. I never really liked working with clay, but I did my best. Here's what I did in this class:

This piece I built upside down. After making a very small version of this I challenged myself to make something as tall as I could. I used a lot of clay and had no idea what I was doing, but it was a fun process. The inside is layered and textured and smoked with a process called Raku. There is special glaze used for Raku firing and it comes out very metallic and unpredictable. I did Raku for a few of my pieces and they all look different!

This piece is also Raku fired. I also didn't know what I was doing when I made this. I just sort of went with the flow. I wanted to make a piece with layers on the outside this time. This  piece had a bottom, but it exploded off in the process. This is the same glaze used in the last piece... different right?!

This is a bowl I made. When I was going to make it I thought about memories and compartmentalizing them. I also thought about how many memories are forgotten over time, which is where the smoothed out inside comes in. It's a weird piece. It is fired in a kiln, not Raku.

This is a little heart cup thing I made just because I had too much left over clay. I will probably give it to Gracie for Christmas.

This was also a product of having left over clay and wanting to just make something. It was also Raku fired, but it turned out green and blue instead of red...which I like a lot. The bottom also exploded off of this one.

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