Saturday, July 9, 2011

Trip to New England

I am finally back from 8 quick days in New England, mostly New Hampshire and Rhode Island. It is safe to say that I am exhausted and I was welcomed back to Chicago with an early morning at daycare (complete with many things that were imperative for me to get done while children were running wild and with the teacher yelling at them confused as to why the young children were so crazy...oblivious to the fact that no one was watching them and they could do what they wanted), a brand new class (with an entire project due on Monday and a 4 hour class that I had to sit through with no materials to even start the project and I couldn't even leave), and babysitting for 5 hours after that. My Friday seemed just as busy as a normal week. Tonight I am tackling two weeks worth of homework for my last Education class of the summer. All this...and I've only been home for two days. YIKES!

Even though I'm finally back, I did have a wonderful time away from Chicago. Here are some pictures from my trip:

This is a picture of the road. First, there was a crazy smokey, haze that covered only a section of the land. It was very weird. Also, this is just one of 6 trips I took from MA to NH to RI and back over my time there. Lots of driving.

While I was there I got to see my sisters and my best friend Amy and all of them are in my wedding! I also got an iPhone, which is how I took so many awesome pictures (:

The beach! I grew up going to Touisset Point in Rhode Island. It's rumored that this beach used to be a sandy beach and then a big ol' hurricane changed that. We don't know if we believe that or not, but none of us were around to confirm or deny. There's another beach at Touisset called The Cove, which has lots of sand and a floating dock and a diving board off of a pier, which we also went to. Let me tell you... I love the water. Touisset has some awesome water. Complete with seaweed (:
Clambake. Every year, around the 4th of July, my Dad's side of the family gets together for a clambake down Touisset. This is probably the most extended family you'll ever find in one spot. In the picture is my Grandma and Grandpa Redding's house (they took down the beach house to build an all-year-round house). Aaron and I got all the little kids together and started a kickball game. It was really fun...and Aaron fit right in. Many times this week my cousin Kori (who you should all meet at one time in your life), an eccentric 5 year old, told me "I like him!" So if she likes him I guess all's well!

On the 3rd of July we got to go to a Paw Sox game (Red Sox minor league team). It was a packed game filled with Hot Dogs, Cheese Fries, Del's Lemonade, 6 homers, 1 guy hit in the head and knocked out at bat, 1 lady smacked in the face by a foul ball, 1 engagement, and a Paw Sox win over the Yankees! (best surprise that they were playing the Yankees!) After the game they did a wonderful fireworks show. We also got to watch fireworks on water at Touisset. It was awesome because we got to see 5 shows all at once as they lit up the Mt. Hope Bay. Then we went home and watched the Boston and NY fireworks.

Fresh lobster. Enough said.

On our last day at Touisset, while we were packing up the car, we heard a noise. The ice cream man? NOPE! Del's Lemonade Truck!!! It's probably better than ice cream, frozen lemonade snack. And I love that you eat it sans spoons or straws (:

I absolutely love fires. Not when they're burning my apartment building down, but when they are contained and you can sit by them in the middle of the woods and warm your toes in their warmth. They are wonderfully amazing.

I also got a dress fitting while I was in RI and planned a lot of wedding stuff. October 9th should be a lot of fun (: Now back to the homework...

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