Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Painting Class

So, this spring I brought it upon myself to go to student services and ask about my credits. Just to see if I had everything covered (which I did, based off of the many emails people had sent me over the years telling me which classes to take). I knew I had to take one more class. When I came out of student services I had to take 12 more credit hours. Thank you North Park.

And I'm now a student at Northeastern this summer (because NPU doesn't offer art classes in the summer). I signed up for a painting class and found out the first day that it was a mural painting class!

For the past few weeks we've been researching the area and coming up with a design. Last week we started priming the wall... which was very exciting and wonderful to do some manual labor in the sun. It reminded me of hardworking in Thailand... which is always a good feeling.

I took some pictures of the wall so far and will update you all on our progress!

Located on Pulaski & Bryn Mawr

It sits in a little park on the side of Wonder Montessori School

On Friday I climbed up the tallest ladder to paint!!!

This was a  relatively 'clean' day (:

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