Monday, May 16, 2011


So the night of Aaron's graduation we sat around trying to come up with something to do. We had attended graduation, eaten at Olive Garden, and moved all of his stuff out of the Carmen 5's. Aaron's brother, Seth, suggested the cubs game and with the blink of an eye we were in the car heading towards Wrigley Field. It was a rainy night, and we got there in the 3rd inning. We bought standing room only seats, but were lucky enough to sit where ever we felt like it because the weather was so bad. We watched 4 innings, drank some warm hot chocolate, and then they finally called a rain delay (I actually called it seconds before!). Not much happened during the game, but I had a really good time. I had forgotten how much I liked baseball. All in all, it was a great spur of the moment activity on a rainy night. And a great way to celebrate Aaron's graduation from North Park!

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