Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Babysitting. These days it is filling up my calendar and miraculously paying my bills.

Thank God for that.

This weekend I sat in a house down from Tre Kroner rocking a baby in a stroller in the dining room. That tiny human is so lucky. To be able to nap lazily on a Saturday afternoon. He was all warm and bundled up. Dreaming his baby dreams. I looked at him and thought of how I love babies and kids. And if I feel love for the babies and kids I watch... how much more am I going to feel love for my own babies (waay in the future). I know it is a silly thought to have stuck in your head, but babies make you do funny things. I was just looking at him sleep, hearing his nose-home to a cold- work at breathing in and out.

I'm thankful that in this part of my life I am getting by and making it because of babies. And sitting on babies.

How wonderful is that?

And when I finally got the little one to sleep, finally stopped watching his little pudgy face, I went downstairs where his brother was watching TV and found this:

So I had three nappers that afternoon, and it was wonderful.

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