Thursday, November 4, 2010


Yes! There was a fire! Luckily it wasn't in our apartment, but the third floor over (football players apt). After being told to "find a place to stay" last night and rescuing the kitties and finding Bella locked in a closet...I slept a little and came back to look at the damage. I'm curious, what can I say. We don't know what started the fire, but I speculate it was pure stupidity via football player's brain. Alas, here's the damage...
First thing this morning... can't get into my apartment. Why? Oh... last night the firefighters axed down our door to make sure everyone was out. Then they screwed in this lovely piece of wood. Luckily, the back door wasn't like this too (:

Our apartment is one floor down from the black and to the left.

Damage. Crazy. So of course as I'm walking up the back stairwell to my apartment I'm very curious... so I snapped some shots of their burned up place. Have a looksie:

So that's the scoop! And now all our kitties smell like smoke, so sad.

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  1. o my word! I'm so glad that your apartment isn't all black and burnt up! and I'm glad that you and the kittens/cat are all safe.