Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Present

"shape the future by dealing with the present"

I live for what is to come. I dwell on the past. I think about better things. It seems that I will do anything to get out of the present. This fall I've been trying to live in the now. It's been really hard for me to do. And I don't know if I've gotten anywhere, or if I've gone backwards, but I've been trying. When projects and papers and life pile up... I feel like my progress is out the window.

I've been trying to live in the present. I've been enjoying the leaves, watching them change slowly day by day. I've been drinking chai tea in lots of variations: hot, cold, apple, latte. I've been napping with my kitties, or I try to once a week. I've been babysitting every week at least once, and enjoying the house I'm in (although this makes me think about having a house in the future). I've been reading magazines at babysitting and going on websites and blogs about living healthier, greener, and happier. I've been working out a little more at a time. I've been enjoying my showers, taking them at night, instead of rushing through them in the morning. I've been trying.

The first quad of my crazy post-grad life is coming to an end in one week. It's hard to live in the present. But I have to if it's going to fly by me so fast!

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