Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping. My Mother hates it. She always have. I have a different opinion about the act. I love it. It makes me feel good to park in the lot. I park in the same area, the majority of the time. I love looking at all the food. It's all organized and makes sense (well, when they redid the Jewel it was difficult to find things, but now it's better). I love picking things out and putting them in my cart. Finding great deals and deciding which price is the lowest for the most stuff (something my Dad taught me). I love going up and down the aisles. I love self-checkout. I love going to a person to check me out (mostly because my Dad believes that he's not going to do it himself when it's someones job to check you out). I love bagging my groceries, with a system (also something my Dad taught me, don't want to squish the bread or crack the eggs!). I love walking to the car (and watching my Dad run with the cart and jump up on it and ride it through the lot to the car). I love loading up the car, driving home, and then unloading it. Putting each item I picked out away where it belongs. Grocery shopping. I just love it.
And when I think about what I just wrote, with my mind running through memories... it's my Dad that has made grocery shopping fun. There's an element of him in the action even when he's not there. He's instilled in me all these little behaviors and ideas about life and about buying groceries. Funny, my Mom hates grocery shopping (:

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