Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Reddings

I always thought my friend Amy was so silly when she told me cried every night when I moved to Thailand. Considering the fact that I only saw Amy during the summers, and every summer my family and I returned to America, I thought she was so silly.

I find myself now aching for my family. I'll most likely end up seeing them during Christmas time. I'll ship myself off to the land of China. Like Amy, I wouldn't have seen my family during this part of the year at all...and yet I still miss them terribly. I yearn for our dinners together, where I can't remember a time when we weren't laughing. My Dad would wipe his eyes from laughing so hard or flair his nostrils (a tell tale sign that Dad is telling a fib!). I miss my Mom's hugs, Grace & Sam & Mikayla bickering, Dashy boy under the table waiting for me to feed him (because I always do... and then my Mom always tells me not to). I miss our dynamics. I like to think of my family as extras on Gilmore Girls. We'd fit right in. We talk so fast, insert jokes, repeat funny things, remember our past funny stories... it's just great.

I miss that.

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