Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's Up With Me?

So far the summer has been filled with work. I'm working full-time plus at the daycare. Waiting and waiting and waiting for the paperwork to go through for me to be officially full-time. Because of all this waiting my membership process to Galter Life Center has been halted. I just want to go to the gym!!! Oh well, I'm sure it will happen soon. Just playing the waiting game.

I'm not sure how many people I've told, but I was accepted to the North Park Graduate Program! I've been filling out the paperwork for that too (so much paperwork in my life!!!). Hopefully I'll have it all figured out so I can get started on my Master of Arts in Education with a Teaching Certification in Art. Wheew... that's a mouth full (:

I've also been babysitting a lot. I'm currently at a new 'employer'. One of the Mom's from daycare gave her friend my number. I was a little nervous to go babysit for someone I've never met before... but it's all turned out great. Two kids, a boy and a girl... I've had no trouble at all, and they're in bed now. Perfect. I've got another job with this family next week. Babysitting Emily on Sunday, and then the night of the 4th I'll be babysitting too. My bank account loves me right now.

And in little more than two weeks I get to take a vacation...

That's what's up with me.

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