Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bethany Beach

I almost didn't go to Bethany Beach yesterday with Alissa & Emily. But I did... and let me tell you... best decision all summer! We went to hang out at the beach and attend Kristin and Greta's Graduation party. First major event of the day happened to be when we were driving. There were TONS of billboards advertising for "Krazy Kaplans" for "Buy 1, get 6 free!"... Are you serious?! Get 6 free?! So obviously we had to stop.

So we stocked up (:

The weather was perfect for a beach day. We:

-laid out in the sun until we were sweaty
-jumped into the water to swim
-had a handstand contest
-and a contest to see who could hold their breath in a handstand the longest (I won)
-laid in the sun again (the girls fell asleep)
-ate pizza & watermelon and talked with old North Parkers who knew my parents
-ate cake (x2)
-jumped off the lifeguard chair taking funny pictures, climbed up, jumped off, climbed up, jumped off...
-skipped rocks
-enjoyed a sunset
-played with our fireworks
-enjoyed each other's company
All in all, I had a REALLY good Saturday, perfect even (:

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  1. it was a great day! and you are welcome back anytime!