Friday, April 23, 2010

Babysitting the Buchtas

Aaron and Clayton

Tonight Aaron and I babysat Jordan, Sadie, and Clay. It was really nice to have someone else in the house helping me with the kids (I haven't ever babysat for three kids, 2 babies). There was lots of laughter, lots of crawling on the floor, and lots of ice cream. I loved putting Clayton to bed. My instructions were to give him his bottle and hold him while laying on Jen's bed. It felt so good to have a baby fall asleep in my arms, even if I got some formula on my sweatshirt (: It was also so cute to watch Aaron with the kids. He followed Clay around all night, finally got Sadie to open up and talk to him, and chatted with Jordan about superheros and dinosaurs. It was a great night to babysit and say goodbye to the Buchtas.

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